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Livable Future Park Hungary

"Pollution, lack of energy carriers, climate change, civilization diseases – we are ahead of great challenges if we want to leave a liveable environment for our children and the next generations. It is very important to produce power in an eco- and climate-friendly way, not only to reduce the energy consumption. To do that the common thinking of humanity is needed.
Therefor we implemented the Liveable Future Park in Fót, near Budapest. The Liveable Future Park is a little energy and research island where we can show the real potential of alternative energy and the latest technology. We created the Liveable Future Park to transmit knowledge, sensitize and encourage for the usage of alternative energy. For this purpose we present numerous ways of how one can win renewable energy from the nature itself. As a result the Fót Centre is now almost independent from the large power stations and the public electricity grid."

Élhető Jövő Park


Vácrátót Botanical Garden, Carbon House and Geothermal Heating System

Botanical Garden

The 180-year-old romantic landscape-designed garden, also a national monument and nature conservation area, is the richest scientific plant collection of Hungary . The scenes of this 27 hectare park are engaging in all four seasons. There are 62 nesting bird species in the garden, while 22 fish species inhabit its waters and 73 species of molluscs find their homes in its area. Annual plant exhibitions, intimate trails, rose and geranium collections, and countless tiny wonders of nature await our guests throughout the year.

Geothermal Heating System

In the framework of the project a closed thermal water system was constructed with a geothermal and reinjection well. The estimated heating capacity ensures the basic provision, the peak capacity below 0 C° external temperature is ensured by a biomass heating plant and the gas heating will remain as reserve. The new heating system based on renewable energy supplies - beyond the new and existing greenhouses and IEB HAS buildings - the school, nursery school, mayor’s office and the health centre of Vácrátót Municipality. The Visitor Centre was constructed according to passive house requirements and hosts a permanent exhibition focusing on the utilization of renewable energy, the description of the the investment itself and the conservation of biodiversity.

Carbon House

The exhibition aims to raise awareness about the environmental constraints and takes place in a passive house, the so called "Carbon House" of 400 m2. The exhibition at the ground floor occupies 92 m2. The exhibition introduces the visitors to the importance and consequences of climate change, its’ impact on biodiversity, the different types of renewable energy and the geotherm project. The language is adapted to laymen and includes interactive elements. We can visit a climate friendly home with opportunities to save energy. The visitor can face his/her responsibility in changing the mode of life and consumer attitudes. Is consumption and the accumulation of goods the only way to increase well-being? The exhibition provides alternative activities.